Wrestling with Self

As I find myself wrestling with both God and man, I find that the largest struggle is with myself.  But this would make sense given that the key to victory is found in self-denial, whether towards God or my fellow man.  Not that I have Kingdom fellowship with every man, but the virtues of the Kingdom apply even when wrestling with the ungodly.  Since Jesus said, “I have overcome the world”, I have to consider how He accomplished this.  Victory could not have come about through earthly wisdom or power, but reliance upon who and what comes from above in relation to any opponent.

So, I find myself once again yearning for the ability to deny myself: in order to hear, trust, and obey God, bear what burdens God wants me to bear, fear not what God says not to fear, care for who and what God says to care, act and react as God and not man would expect or desire me to, and tear off what earthly soiled clothing remains upon me so as not to be so easily pulled down to the ground by any opposition, especially my self.

I pray Lord, for less of me and more of you, for it is in you that God and man has become One, and through you that the wrestling match is won. I struggle to see your face, to know my place, to receive and believe in your grace, and follow in the way of your Son.

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