Prayer to Please

How do we know if God is pleased with us? Upon whom does his favor rest?  To whom does his affirmation come?   Does it not come upon those who please Him?  Whose hearts are set to serve Him?   To those who do His will?

Will not the pleasers of men be disappointed?  Or will they be satisfied and assured by the praises of men?  Will they seek their affirmation instead?

Help me Lord! Lead me and guide me in your good and perfect will.  Let the meditations of my mind and heart be pleasing in your sight. Receive the prayers of your servant and help me in my time of need.  Show me how to pray and what it is that you desire.  My heart longs to please you.

The ways of man are empty.  Surely they are wasteful like a fruitless branch, vain in appearance and hollow like a dead tree.  But your ways abound with delight.  They are full of secret treasures and are solid like a rock.  May my hands do your work. May my feet follow in your will.  May my soul find pleasure in pleasing you.  Amen.

Earth Wind and Fire Contained

“When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting. They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them. All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.”

There was contact, and the fire spread.

When there is a forest fire, first there needs to be something to burn, before the wind and fire can do its work. Once ignited, a strong wind will cause the fire to spread rapidly, supplying oxygenated breath, fanning and driving the flames in one or more directions, and causing sparks to fly onto new sources of fuel as well.

Many of us Christians want to receive the breath and feel the wind, and even burn within, but we often won’t allow the Spirit to move and spread us out or cause sparks to fly, because we are afraid.  And so we resist the wind and contain the fire, that is the will and desire of God, even the Spirit.  As a result, the earth, wind and fire remain contained, even within the house.

So I pray:

Let the strong wind blow. Let the holy fire fall.
Don’t be afraid, but trust in His call!
Count it pure joy, and rejoice in the shame,
If counted worthy to suffer His name.

Be consumed with His love. Let it burn deep within.
Let the Holy Spirit move you, when to begin
To speak in a language that others have heard,
And tell about Christ, the Lord whom you serve.

Don’t be afraid!

Let the mighty wind blow. Let flames burn ‘n go
Don’t be afraid, to let people know.

Tongues in Time

Being a charismatic-pentecostal Christian (and evangelical and sacramental too) who prays-speaks “in tongues”, which is synonymous with praying “in the Spirit”, I am faulting and finding myself praying less in tongues in private compared to when I am gathered in public with the Church. I love to praise and pray “in the Spirit” even sing “in the Spirit” and go back and forth between my native English and my spiritual language when praying in public as I believe I am suppose to, according to the Scriptures, as Paul suggested in 1st Corinthians 14:13-17, 27-28. But I am being convicted a little that my prayer efforts “in the Spirit” in private have been waning in comparison when they should be growing, for the Scriptures also say that when we pray in tongues, not only do we edify ourselves with God and build up our own faith, but the Spirit intercedes for us in accordance with God’s will. WOW! Why wouldn’t we earnestly desire to pray in such a way when we know for sure that such prayer is in accordance with God’s will vs. praying in the uncertainty that we might be attempting to pray in our own will? Why not use the private time with God more wisely? This gift is God’s wisdom, which is why praying in tongues is such an important time to treasure and pleasure in – one that has us praying in agreement with the heart of God and Christ, who prayed, also in a language we could understand, “not my will but thine be done, so we might be edified too. So let all be edified in both times. In public, praise and pray in tongues but with interpretation too, but in times that are private, let your tongues be set on fire for God alone!

Praying for the Pastor’s Protection

When Jesus was troubled, he asked his disciples to pray with him,  even for themselves.  (Matthew 26:38-41)

Yes, because the leaders of the Church have been given the greatest burden of responsibility, much good is dependent on them. Therefore because of their critical role, they require or should be afforded the most prayer, not by any one person, but by the many together out of necessity and understanding.  If “many hands make light work”, then surely many prayers make sense for the one who bears the larger burden.

Yes, the devil prowls about looking for one to devour which is often the weakest one, but often it is the greatly burdened pastor and/or his family, who have become the most vulnerable or the most targeted.  If the enemy of our souls can successfully strike the shepherd, then the many sheep will scatter and much more will be achieved with one blow.  If the shepherd is helped by the prayers of the many people, to remain faithful and able, then the weak ones among the many should find protection as well.

The Church must take seriously the call to pray for the protection and strength of those who have been placed over us, even for our own protection.

Prophetic Prayer

The Church needs to reject a spirit of timidity when it comes to prayer and mission, which are intrinsically connected.  Like the prophet Jeremiah, the Church has a prophetic role, starting via prayer, to “uproot and tear down, destroy and overthrow, to plant and to build”. Even the prayers of one “righteous man” avails much, and the prophet Elijah held back the rain for 3 years.

So, why isn’t the Church more bold and believing when it comes to changing the environment through prayer?  I believe because of a passive and timid spirit contributing to a lack of faith!

The Church needs to stop making childish excuses and mature in its prophetic call over the nations!