Desiring the Lord’s Blessings

The flag is torn. There are holes in the red and white stripes. The sacrifices of the past are not known by this generation. They have no respect. Their parents have not taught them well nor would they listen. They have become a foreign nation.

Listen now and I will tell you a story.

A man walking down a road went into a field and stopped by an apple tree to pick from it. He looked at the tree and although its fruit was good to eat, he chose to despise it and stay hungry and unrefreshed.

And the Lord spoke from the tree and said, “Why have you despised the good fruit I have provided for you?

And the man responded, “I do not want to eat from the tree you have provided . I would rather go hungry. Besides there are so many other choices.”

Hear the Word of the Lord,

The nation that was blessed by Me has been filled with foolish people. I will uproot them, says the Lord, and you will see a difference between those who desire my blessings and those who despise them.

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