False Profits

There are some “in the Church” and perhaps outside, who would like to separate Jesus and the Gospel, because they would like “another”, that is, one more acceptable and likeable that doesn’t require “repentance and forgiveness of sins”, one that doesn’t cause separation between family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the younger generation and peoples of the world with other beliefs.  They prefer a Jesus and a Gospel that brings peace and not a sword, one that everyone would have to like, one that is all inclusive and welcoming in such a way that doesn’t require anything from anyone accept an irresistible and popular acceptance.

Why?  Because than there would be no rejection, persecution, and cost to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Their hope is that the numbers would increase in both people and payments to the more likeable church.  And so who does this profit?

Hence, they want to present a different Jesus and a different Gospel than the one that appeared and was made known and was preached before. They want to change or eliminate the demanding and challenging Words of Christ by their own presumed authority, perhaps out of felt necessity, in the name of a love that is separated from the truth. They are false prophets seeking false profits.  What will they exchange for souls?

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