Overcoming Fear and the Power of Death

In Hebrews chapter 2, the Word of God tells us that Jesus became human to “break the power of him (Satan) who holds the power of death, and set free those who all their lives were enslaved by their fear of death..”

Again, Jesus himself, in John 14:30, stated that although Satan was coming to kill him, he (Satan) had “no hold”, “no power” “nothing in him”. That is, Jesus would not submit to the fear associated with what was coming, be it real pain and death, because His Father was with Him and in Him and he would never be separated from that perfect love which casts out all fear!

So today, if you are like most of us, struggling with fear, whether that be of death, sickness, poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, abandonment, loneliness, or something else, let us overcome together through faith in God and His Son, Jesus Christ!

All fears are a subset of the fear of death! If you can overcome that fear and him (Satan) who holds you in slavery by that threat and desire to kill you, then you can overcome every fear in this life!

Focus on the perfect love of God that is with you and in you and yours to hold on to, and break the power of the enemy who has already been defeated by the Son of Man, who died and rose again on our behalf so that we can live for Him who lives forever. Live in love. Live in the resurrected life. Live by Him, with Him, and in Him! Crush Satan under your feet and do not let him into your minds, hearts, emotions and souls, to have hold over you as a slave to fear anymore. Be free in the Lord and live in the abundant fruit of the Holy Spirit who has been given to you as a son or daughter of the living God.

Satan is a thief, a liar, and a murderer, but Jesus came to give you life, and life to the full!

Let Christ be glorified in you!

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