Suffering After the Work is Done

When you advance against the gates of hell, do not be surprised if you experience some suffering of violence afterwards, whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or even material. This comes with the battle even as the enemy bites the heal of the one who crushes its head.

Even after Jesus’s work was finished and He breathed his last breath, the enemy lanced his side with a spear, the wound suffered after his death, and blood and water poured out, giving witness to who He was, and foreshadowing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as well as showing agreement between the Spirit, water, and blood (ref. John 5:8), as all three¬† would continue to bear witness in the earth, through the Body of Christ.

So if you suffer for Jesus and the Gospel, to which you are also called, praise God because it is an affirmation that you have gained ground for the Kingdom, also knowing that your suffering will be added to your account balance and eternal reward.


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