Which Way to Go

Sometimes it takes time to resolve what exactly and where exactly God wants you to go and do His will. In can be like trying to find a water leak in your house, but in this case the opposite direction.  The question isn’t where the water is coming from, but where is it running to.

In the case of David and Jonathan in 1 Samuel 20, there is a process of testing and discerning what the truth is concerning Saul’s intent to kill David, already known by David, which Jonathan doesn’t want to believe yet; but Jonathan instructs David to wait for his confirmation, and that the communication of what is discerned will tell David whether to stay or go.  In this case, Jonathan shot the arrow beyond the rock in order to tell David that David was correct in his discernment. David didn’t want to go, but he, and now Jonathan knew, that he must.  David’s appointed time would come later, when he would be crowned after much trial and endurance.  For Jonathan, it was a hard reality to face because he was losing his best friend, at least for a while supposedly until David’s return, although Jonathan ended up dying before.   This is not unlike and points Jesus’ necessary departure beyond, after suffering death and resurrection, before He returns as the anointed and appointed King.  Some if not most of us will die before His return.

But if you are “a David”, what is God telling you?  What does He have planned for you?   When, where, how, do you discern His will to be for you?   Take the time to test and approve His good and perfect will.  If you really want to know, He will tell you one way or another.

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