Prayer to Please

How do we know if God is pleased with us? Upon whom does his favor rest?  To whom does his affirmation come?   Does it not come upon those who please Him?  Whose hearts are set to serve Him?   To those who do His will?

Will not the pleasers of men be disappointed?  Or will they be satisfied and assured by the praises of men?  Will they seek their affirmation instead?

Help me Lord! Lead me and guide me in your good and perfect will.  Let the meditations of my mind and heart be pleasing in your sight. Receive the prayers of your servant and help me in my time of need.  Show me how to pray and what it is that you desire.  My heart longs to please you.

The ways of man are empty.  Surely they are wasteful like a fruitless branch, vain in appearance and hollow like a dead tree.  But your ways abound with delight.  They are full of secret treasures and are solid like a rock.  May my hands do your work. May my feet follow in your will.  May my soul find pleasure in pleasing you.  Amen.

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