Running with the Gospel

In Acts chapter 8, when the Spirit told Deacon Phillip the Evangelist to go and stay near the chariot of the Ethiopian eunuch, he did not delay or simply make his way over, but instead “ran up to the chariot” just in time to hear him reading from the book of Isaiah.  How excited, how filled with the Spirit and anticipation Phillip must have been?  And especially when the Ethiopian asked Phillip to explain it!

Unlike two of the rock songs I grew up with, “Running on Empty” and “Running with the Devil”, and like the words spoken to Habakuk the prophet, “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so a herald may run with it”, Phillip ran with the gospel, not on empty but filled with the Spirit, and not with the devil but with Christ Himself, and was ready to explain the prophetic revelation so the eunuch might believe and be saved. This led of course to the eunuch being excited about becoming a Christian, and coming upon some water, he asked to be baptized. Then after, the Spirit suddenly took Phillip away and was found preaching in other places.

But how many of us delay, or even run away, from being a herald of the Good News of Jesus Christ?  How many of us would even desire to be so excited by it, that we would be ready to run with it too?  Perhaps it has become too plain to us that we need someone else to re-explain it all over again.  Then perhaps, like Habakuk and Phillip, our feet would become like that of a deer, excited to be on the heights that the Spirit takes us.

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