A Social Deception in Wanting Justice

There is a growing deception that I have warned about in the past, and that is – that the message of reconciliation – the heart of the Gospel – that God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world to Himself – and so that the forgiveness of sins eternal life could be preached in Jesus’ Name, with the call to repent and believe in Him (that is JESUS) – is being replaced with a “social justice” movement .

Not that social justice isn’t important because it is, and is a very big part of what is means to be a Christian – to love all, even your enemies, to right wrongs, to end oppression, feed the poor, take care of the widow and orphan, end racism, end abortion, end war, to be a good samaritan, etc. BUT it cannot replace or eliminate the cross and the act of the One who justified all sinners and provides forgiveness – even to the the police officer who killed George Floyd. If the mobs want justice – then they all must hear that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – and that Jesus died for all including the murderer and the rapist, the abortionist and the child molester, the slanderer and the gossip, the vain and the perverse, the adulterer and the pimp, the liar and the thief, the proud and the lazy, the idolater and the greedy, the violent and destructive,.etc. The Word of God and the Church declares all these things yo be sin and those who commit them to be sinners in need of God’s grace from Jesus Christ, who died for all, and therefore all died – because all have sinned – and the wages of sin is death.

YES- the Church should lead in the correcting of injustice – but its primary task is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ – who redeems and justifies the sinner by faith, offering the forgiveness of sins, salvation and sanctification, for and leading to Eternal Life, in Jesus Name. It is the Love of God that we preach, and not mankind’s limited version of it.

We have been given the message of reconciliation!

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