Word of Parts

The time is coming, says the Lord, and now is, when the right hand will be hooked to the left ear and the left hand will be hooked to the right ear, and the right eye will be fixed upon the left foot and the left eye will be fixed upon the right foot. Many stumble and trip over themselves and have become altogether useless to Me, saying, “Nobody knows the right from the left and the Church cannot agree what to do. Which way should we turn and whose lead should we follow, for there are so many prophets among us!”

Does the world not have prophets? Does the world not have teachers?  Does the world not have kings and rulers? Which way should you go and who should you follow if there are so many anointed among you?   But where are My prophets and where are My teachers and who are your kings and rulers?

But listen now and I will tell you a parable. A man without an ear met a man without an eye who met a man without a hand who met a man without a foot, and they said to one another, “Do I really need you if I already have one? Do I really want you if you do not have at least two?

How foolish you are to follow another and hearken to other voices, when you have the Words and the Spirit of your God to direct you, through whom you live and move and have your being, and who sets you apart and gives you work to do despite your deficiencies and handicaps, and who asks each person the question, “who is my mother, my brother, my sister, or my friend?”

Where is the Body of Christ and to Whom does is parts belong? What is the sum of its parts if it has no head? Can the Body function without a head to lead it? Can the Spirit move it if the eyes do not see and the ears do not hear and the feet do not follow and the hands do not work in unity with Him?  Your God is not a puppet master. He is your Lord and King.

Let him who has ears hear, let him who has eyes see, let him who has feet follow, let him who has hands work, for God is not waiting upon our deficiencies and handicaps, but upon those who will do His will, who will not look to the right or to the left or hearken to confusing voices.

Sometimes a house has to be gutted. Sometimes a family must move. Sometimes a body must become depleted in order to become renewed.

Where are you going and who will you hear and for whom will your feet move to follow, for God is the Author of Life and the Lord is the Instrument of Salvation, and all parts belong to Him. When all of you is hooked and fixed upon Me, then you will know which way you should go and what it is you should do, in Spirit and in Truth, for I will not mislead or confuse you, says the Lord, but all I ask of you is this, “I want all of you!” “I want every part!”

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