Praying for the Pastor’s Protection

When Jesus was troubled, he asked his disciples to pray with him,  even for themselves.  (Matthew 26:38-41)

Yes, because the leaders of the Church have been given the greatest burden of responsibility, much good is dependent on them. Therefore because of their critical role, they require or should be afforded the most prayer, not by any one person, but by the many together out of necessity and understanding.  If “many hands make light work”, then surely many prayers make sense for the one who bears the larger burden.

Yes, the devil prowls about looking for one to devour which is often the weakest one, but often it is the greatly burdened pastor and/or his family, who have become the most vulnerable or the most targeted.  If the enemy of our souls can successfully strike the shepherd, then the many sheep will scatter and much more will be achieved with one blow.  If the shepherd is helped by the prayers of the many people, to remain faithful and able, then the weak ones among the many should find protection as well.

The Church must take seriously the call to pray for the protection and strength of those who have been placed over us, even for our own protection.

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