Following to Serve Not Ourselves

In Matthew 20:17 Jesus told his disciples, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and give his life as a ransom for others”, as they argued about who was going to have the greatest position and power in the coming Kingdom. The fight broke out because Momma Zebedee and her two Thunder Boys created a storm when they asked Jesus about sitting on His right and left side, and the other ten became indignant probably because they had not asked first. Good thing the other mothers weren’t around! In response, Jesus instructed them all on the humble attitude they should preserve and the lowly position they should pursue, when following Him. The call to follow Jesus was not a race to see who would be first (that position was taken already), second or third, but who would become the last and the least among them. When we follow Jesus in order to secure for ourselves a high position in His Kingdom, we show that we have miss-learned what it means to be his disciple and we distance ourselves from the heart of the man, the Son of Man, who is the true Servant of the Lord. When we serve for selfish reasons, we lose out, because we are really following the world.

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