Jesus the Leper

After Jesus healed the leper in Luke chapter 5, He circumstantially exchanged positions with the leper who was previously forced to dwell in lonely solitary places due to his leprous condition, which classified that person as unclean and not permitted to be near other people, not just because of the possible contagion, but also because of his likely facial appearance, having been covered with leprosy. At first the leper had to hide his face from everyone, but now Jesus did, after the healed leper disobeyed Jesus and told everyone about the healing. The healed man’s disobedience caused Jesus to suffer in lonely place outside of town, like one afflicted and stricken by God, in this case, with leprosy.

For Jesus, this was a preview of the cross he would have to bear. He exchanged places with us on more than one occasion.

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