Let us Die with Him

In John chapter 11, the disciple Thomas’ fatalistic perception of dying with Jesus Christ in Jerusalem was based on his misunderstanding of what Jesus said “must” occur. From Thomas’ perception, it falsely meant the permanent end of life and the loss of everything promised including the new Messianic King and the establishment of the Kingdom of God, from which he concluded there would be no reason to live, so they might as well all die with Him.  He didn’t understand that first the Christ had to suffer death in order for new life and the Kingdom to arise, and that His death would not be the end of life and the loss of the promises, but instead was meant to bring about the end of death and loss of all things that could never fulfill the promises.

As Christians we must understand that dying with Christ, to ourselves and our old life of sin which leads to death, being buried with Christ in His death, is what clears the way for new life in Christ and the Kingdom within us, to arise! The Christian Faith is not fatalistic, but fulfilling of God’s promises through Jesus Christ, who died and rose again.  So let us “die with Him” that we may live again, and again!

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