Modern Men and Total Docility

The over-sensitivity of “modern” politically-correct and softened men has led parts of the Church and society, to prefer submitted men who have “quiet and gentle spirits”- 1 Peter 3:4. The problem with this, is that this Scripture refers to women, who God prefers this way mostly, except for those He raises up like Deborah the Prophetess and Judge, in order to put timid men to shame. – Judges 4:8-9 .

If anyone challenges the “modern” Church and society with this problem, they are often met with an angry response that is neither “quiet or gentle”.  Interesting, how that works.

The Church and society needs servant men who can not only set up tables, but who can overturn them if and whenever needed, as well.  Because of and for this, God Himself has given the Church, men in particular, “not a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline” -2: Tim 1:7,  which includes the transitive ability to moderate and admonish.

Is is important to understand that the “total docility” of men can be a dangerous dimension that also needs to be disciplined, as it has been before in God’s House, by men sent by God, and if necessary, a woman.

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