Pivoting on the Emmaus Easter Break

Emmaus was a turning point. The disciples on that road were heading away from Jerusalem and away from believing that Jesus was the One they were waiting for, because he died on Friday.

They had seen his signs and wonders, and had heard his amazing teachings, but they did not understand. Though their hearts now burned again within them at His spoken words, they were still kept from fully knowing Him until He revealed Himself in the breaking of the bread, the act which still proclaims His death until He comes again.

It was then that their eyes were opened, and they pivoted in their faith. They returned to Jerusalem, believing in Him as the One they were hoping for, because He died and rose again. And this Jesus purposely revealed to them in this breaking of the bread in which He was truly present.

The truth is, without the resurrection, the Lord could not be fully known in this way, because if still dead, he could not be known in any way, and the meal would be a mere memorial with no life and power, which Jesus did not institute it to be.

Sadly, many Christian’s break fellowship on this point. So we pray, “Lord Jesus, be known to all your disciples in the breaking of the bread.”  Let us recognize you whenever and however you choose to be known.

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