Praise the Lord Jesus and Welcome to Kingdom911.

I hope and pray that you will find this site edifying to your mind, encouraging to your heart, and  uplifting to your soul. May the Lord give you insight and revelation and inspire you through faith in Christ and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to be a glorifying and profitable servant of the Most High God and His Son Jesus Christ.

One of the reasons for putting up this site was because I felt challenged by the Lord to be more bold in my public witness and not hold anything back, also rejecting a false humility that I believe has prevented me from being who I am more fully called to be.

Another reason was because I was tired of having disjointed and disconnected social media accounts and websites, as well as thoughts on differing topics, so for management reasons of consolidation and streamlining to bring it all together somehow, I completed this task.  I hope that you will find it beneficial to your souls and service of our Lord.

Be Blessed!

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