Things Above

Last Friday, as I closely observed the dark stormy breaking waves and heavy rain-filled winds of Long Island Sound heading in towards the land, I was struck by the visual and associated perception of the dark powers and unrelenting earthly forces of evil at work in the world today that are both perplexing and overwhelming, and which is all most people can usually see because it consumes our natural vision.

Meanwhile overhead, when I looked up to the sky, I was surprised by the large movement of wind-blown lighter clouds heading in the exact opposite direction, seemingly revealing something else going on in the heavenly realm  that God was directing, but unbeknownst to the peoples and forces below who would be very surprised when its fulfillment timely appeared in the earth.  A small window-like opening in a wall of distance clouds revealed the presence of the sun and another simultaneous reality.

I was mesmerized, encouraged, thirsty to perceive what God was planning, wanting to know and even be part of it, trusting in His sovereignty and good purpose, even His past given victory. I was grateful for the perception of One greater with a greater plan and power than the one below, and was reminded that I should always seek the things above.

Later on Sunday, when sharing in the Scriptures about the pending Feast of Pentecost, the Lord showed how the people of Jerusalem, even the religious and those who recently murdered the Holy and Righteous One, were overwhelmingly surprised and perplexed by what God had planned all along. They expected just another usual Feast Day as if nothing had happened or would happen. The only ones who were waiting in expectation were the ones who Jesus told.

God is moving! If you not ready for what is coming next and what may have started already, then seek the things above!

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